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Born in Hillingdon, i moved to the south west after art college in 1989. I see myself as a "self taught artist" as i found the restraints of college too conventional. Since then i have continued to work as a professional artist and a longstanding member of the association of British naive artists.

I work from my studio in the garden of my home on the Rame peninsula in Cornwall. My naive style is filled with vibrant colours and my trademark curling waves bring action and excitement to my work. I use a colourful palette often with repeated motifs, flowers, lighthouses, and the sea. Characters appear in my paintings from my daily life. Look carefully and you will often find local characters depicted amongst the crowds that populate my work, slightly tongue in cheek, to bring a smile to the observer.

The barbican, the villages of the Rame peninsula and places further west in Cornwall all feature in my paintings.

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